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Due to space restraints you must use our drums and prefer if you use our amps.

BACKLINE: 2 GUITAR AMPS: 1 FENDER BLUES DELUXE (12inch speaker, tube) 1 FENDER SUPER 112 (12inch tube) BASS AMP: AMPEG BA-115 DRUMS:-YOU BRING SNARE and CYMBALS WE PROVIDE- hardware (2 cymbals stands, snare stand, high hat stand) -20 Inch kick, 12 inch rack tom, 14inch floor, kick pedal, seat

Welcome to The Rodeo Bar.

We are happy that you are playing your music in NYC's longest running honky tonk. Below are some guidelines to help you have the best gig you ever had. Confirmations: Formal confirmations from Rodeo will come with a copy of this email, feel free to check the Rodeo website to ensure your link and band name is displayed properly. PROMOTION: (SEE BELOW FOR MORE DETAIL) Facebook, Twitter etc. Use the social media available and push your show. We take notice and do NOT rebook folks who do not properly promote. POSTERS ARE REQUIRED! Posters: to the club marked POSTERS FOR (DATE HERE) on the outside of the envelope. Rodeo Bar 375 3rd Ave. NY NY 10016 *Please give a copy if this to your road manager*

Load in: We are open @ 11am , anytime after that or up to at least one hour prior to your show. Parking: There is metered parking until 10pm in front of the club. 10min. 25 cents fills up to one hour, If you get there around 6pm or so with your tour bus , you have a good shot at getting that in front of the club, or head east there is non- metered parking. Sorry we do not provide parking.

Sound: We have a full sound system, mics etc. and one of the best sound staffs in NYC. *We do a Line check about 45 minutes before start time and we do it well, so worry not!

* Chief Soundman : Jason Marcucci - 718 433 0959

Food policy for bands: Band menu includes $5.00 angus burger, $4.00 dollar wings, $5.00 Veggie Quesadillas etc. Drink policy: 2 drinks per band member of draft beer or well drinks (sorry top shelf drinks are not included in this deal).

Merchandise- Bands benefit from 100% of all sales of their own merchandise @ Rodeo. No we don't want a cut of that thanks.

Repeat Bookings- It is generally pretty clear what works, so here are the things to avoid if you wish to return. Drawing very little.. (inadequate promotion) Being rude to our staff... Clearing the room (note: loud amps do not work well @ Rodeo Bar). We trust you to do the right thing Cancellations: Emergency cancellations (day of show or day before, etc.): call the club (212 683 6500) and ask to speak to a manager.

DO NOT JUST SEND AN EMAIL- Get a hold of a manager at Rodeo!

SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY SETS 9PM TO 12:00AM LOAD IN BEFORE 8PM Sunday is traditionally a hip night at the Rodeo Bar. Monday and Tuesdays are great nights to be all about the music. (without the extra loud drunken walk ins we can get on the weekends).

WEDNESDAY LOAD IN BEFORE 7:30PM SETS 9PM TO 12AM Please start on time, it can be helpful to have your first set longer to keep folks from going home early. THURSDAY LOAD IN BEFORE 8:30PM SETS 9:30PM TO 12:30AM Thursdays are rowdy nights @ Rodeo. We like to keep it lively, so have fun with it. FRIDAYS & SATURDAYS LOAD IN BEFORE 9PM SETS 10:45PM TO 1:45AM

Happy hour folks stay late so, start on time and help keep 'em at your show.

Thank you for doing what you do...

Sincerely, The Staff of The Rodeo Bar

"The Music Business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There¹s also a negative side."
— Hunter S. Thompson


Band bookings:

Email Jack Grace / (email only)


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